Which Halloween Costume Does Your State Google More Than Any Other?

If you're a California resident planning to dress as a pregnant nun for Halloween, it might be time to start thinking of a backup. And not just because it's in poor taste (although that's a pretty good reason, too).

According to a new study conducted by the real estate bloggers at Estately, Californians have Googled the words "pregnant nun costume" more than people from any other state over the last 11 years, making it very likely that you'll run into another pregnant nun come October 31st.

The same goes for New Yorkers looking to dress as Donald Trump, or Hawaiians thinking about going as mer-people:

Estately also found that certian states — including Alaska, Maine, Virginia and Montana, among others — had "little interest" in Halloween costumes, meaning that they didn't Google specific terms any more frequently than their fellow states.

As for the rest of the country, it's time to get a little more creative with your costumes, unless you don't mind being just another pregnant nun in California, or another zombie in West Virginia, or another (hopefully non-fetishized) "My Little Pony" character in the Northwest.

In short, go as a pregnant zombie nun, or a little zombie pony. Those are still somewhat original ideas, at least for now.