What Each State Googled More Often Than Any Other State in 2016

If we've learned anything from Estately's latest infographic, which reveals some of the most-searched terms of 2016, it's that South Dakotans were especially affected by the loss of Nobel Peace Prize-winning activist, author, and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel. But also, that their neighbors in North Dakota were super psyched about that movie where Robert De Niro has sex with a horny spring-breaker:

According to data they pulled from Google Trends, the analysts at Estately were able to determine which specific search terms each state Googled more often than any other. They later used this information to design the attactive map above (see a larger version here), which, honestly, must've been a very depressing undertaking, as it's basically filled with scandals, celebrity deaths, and poorly-reviewed movies where Robert De Niro has sex with horny spring-breakers.

Click here to read more about each state's most-Googled search terms of 2016, then head over to your nearest RedBox and give "Dirty Grandpa" a look. (Dozens of North Dakotans can't possibly be wrong!)