What Does YOUR State Have More Of, Per Capita, Than Any Other?

Any readers from Texas out there? Good. See if you can answer this question: What does YOUR state have more of, per capita, than any other in the country? If you said "pet tigers," you're spot on! And by default, you're also more likely to be mauled by a neighbor's pet tiger!

That fun factoid comes from the real-estate bloggers at Estately, who recently created an entire map filled with all sorts of fun (and not so fun) statistics about every state in the nation. They say the map is intended as a tool to help people decide where to live, but we're not sure how much of an effect it will have on home buyers, since that kind of decision relies more heavily on family or jobs.  After all, we can't imagine anyone moved to Oregon simply because they sell cigarettes to children. They've got a booming hydroelectricity industry, too!

To see what your state boasts more of than any other, take a look at Estately's map below (or ). And if you're disappointed with the news, scan the original article for other (and hopefully more positive) statistics about your state.