Two Beauty Tips For Getting Taylor Swift's Look

We can't all have Taylor Swift's talent, or her charisma, or her fame, or her impeccable wardrobe, or her legs, or even her gift for taking Instagram photos. But thanks to Sandy Linter, we can at least have her makeup.

As a beauty expert for Lancôme cosmetics, Linter is the perfect person to ask for help in recreating the pop star's signature look. Knowing this, we met up with the famed makeup artist in NYC's Rita Hazan Salon for a demonstration of two incredible ways to capture Swift's style.

Watch the video above to learn Linter's technique for yourself, or keep reading for a step-by-step breakdown.

Taylor's Lips

Start by applying concealer around the lips, blending with the tip of a finger. "Most people don't know that makeup artists will take a concealer and outline the outer part of the mouth to make the lip look very, very, very prominent," says Linter. Afterward, apply a matte or glossy lipstick of your choice (Swift tends to go with a red pout) directly to the lips with a lip brush, starting from the outside-in — no lip-liner needed.

Taylor's Cat Eyes

Apply eye makeup as normal. Then, carefully construct a Swift's "cat eye" using eye liner, extending outward from the outer corner of each eye in a "flicking" motion. "Just a little flick up, and it gives you a cat eye," Linter explains.