Three Simple Ways to Be Happier Now

When it comes to creating more happiness in our lives, small, consistent shifts can have a huge impact.

In other words, happiness does take purposeful effort, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

The key is to become deliberate about it, making this goal a top priority. We can do this by being willing to put our happiness and well-being first, and then creating simple positive changes and habits that support the life we desire.

Putting our own happiness first can be a challenge, but it’s required to live our best lives. This is not just the path to creating our happiest life; it’s also how we can be the most successful, and of the greatest service to others.

Getting started on putting our happiness at the top of our to-do list — and expanding the joy and success in our lives — begins with just a few small changes in the way we view happiness, and in how we approach each day.

• View Happiness as an Activity

Don’t see happiness as merely a feeling, but also as something we take an active part in creating and doing. When we're doing something we love, being of service to others, or taking part in something healthful (such as a workout or clean eating), we feel joyful and empowered. This is "doing" happiness. It's all about choosing the way we want each day to look, and then taking action to create it.

• Put Simple Pleasures on Your Radar

Ne open to noticing and receiving the joy and wonder that is all around you, every day, in the little things. It's easy to get so caught up in focusing on the big stuff in life that we miss the happiness that can be found in all the amazing small things, which actually aren't small at all.  Training ourselves to recognize and enjoy these things more often is where it’s at.

• Re-Think the Way You’re Living Your Mornings

Truthfully, there was a time in my life when I was waking up each day stressed out and swimming in negative thoughts, which left me dreading getting out of bed. I was skipping breakfast, loading up on caffeine, and rushing to get out of the door on time. I was carrying that negative energy with me into the day ahead, which was detrimental to my life on every level. Once I realized that the way I was living my mornings was exactly how I was experiencing my life, and made changes to create mornings that were positive, healthy, and more peaceful, my entire life changed in incredible ways.

We can learn to be happy in the same way we would learn a musical instrument — through study, practice, dedication, and mindfully filtering out what doesn’t work while focusing on what does. Be willing to re-prioritize, and be determined and consistent about the changes you wish to make. Once you stick with them for a while, they’ll begin to come easily and naturally, and that’s when life opens up in magical ways.