The Ultimate Guide to Wrapping Presents of Any Shape

Wrapping presents is a bit of a pain. Most of us will take the time to wrap anything that's vaguely rectangular, but everything else is getting thrown into a gift bag.

That's not to say we wouldn't want to wrap our presents like pros. In an ideal world, we'd give our loved ones only the most picturesque holiday presents, but we just don't have the skills for that. Do you realize how hard it is to neatly wrap a bottle of wine? Or a blanket? Or that pointy porcupine boot scraper our cousin Roger keeps dropping hints about?

The people at Chadwicks feel our pain. That's why they've drafted up a neat infographic explaining the ins and outs of wrapping any type of present, no matter how cylindrical, soft, or misshapen it may be.

Check it out below, then think about ditching your gift bags for good.