A teen was recently called out for a dress code violation at her high school, but says she isn't sure why.

Annie Concannon of Turpin High School in Cincinnati posted a photo of herself in the offending outfit on Twitter. She’s wearing a cropped t-shirt with fraternity letters on it, high-waisted jeans, and sneakers. In her tweet she wrote, “I got dress coded for this outfit. Turpin high school. Twitter do your thing.”

The 17-year-old senior also told Yahoo Lifestyle that her outfit didn’t break the dress code, which she describes as: “Don’t show the three Bs: Boobs, Butt, Belly Button.”


She said that her outfit went unnoticed early in the day, but her homeroom teacher later called her out for the “inappropriate” attire. Concannon claims she’s worn the same clothes before without issue, but this time the teacher pulled her aside and told her she should know better because she’s a senior.

She said the teacher also referred to the shirt as “provocative,” Yahoo reports.

Concannon claims the teacher instructed her to go to the principal’s office, and to find a new shirt to put on, but the student decided to disregard the teacher because she felt her outfit was appropriate. “I disregarded her comment and went to my second-period class without changing. I was really frustrated because my outfit wasn’t breaking our dress code.”

Other teachers took note after being warned of Concannon’s shirt, informing them she should be wearing something over her t-shirt. “As I went to third period, my teacher approached me and told me that I needed a jacket put on immediately,” she told Yahoo. “At this point I started crying because I was so frustrated by the situation. I have never been dress-coded before, and I felt the staff of my school put a target on my back.”


The teen said people aren’t dress-coded often at her school, and she feels the rules are one-sided against the female gender.

Reactions on Twitter were mixed. While some defended the student’s outfit as perfectly acceptable, many bashed Concannon for breaking the rules and using social media to “harass” the school.