For some lucky shoppers in New Jersey, the season just got a little bit merrier.

Five-year-old Jason Rake of Washington, N.J., thought that Santa might have put him on the naughty list. Little did he know that a special "Secret Santa" was about to make his mom's life a lot easier -- by paying off the remainder of all the layaways at a Walmart in Phillipsburg.

“I started crying. I called, I called my fiancé. I called my mother and I was balling my eyes out. I was like, ‘This really happened. What is going on?’” his soon-to-be-stepmom London Rasimowicz told Fox 29.

“The first words out of our mouths, we wish we knew who this person was so we can thank them,” she added.

The Secret Santa news spread after the Walmart posted the information on Facebook.

“I am not surprised. Lot of good people out there nowadays. This is just one of them,” Nick Zemlachenko said, according to Fox 29.

The Walmart did not disclose how much the generous Secret Santa spent, but for all the families with layaways, the gesture will make 2018's holiday season one to remember.