Pro Secrets: Celebrity Stylist Shares Tips For Perfect Eyebrows

The shape of your eyebrows can have a dramatic impact on your overall look.

Whether your brows are unruly, thin or not quite symmetrical, why not give them a little love?

Celebrity Eyebrow Stylist Joey Healy shares his technique for getting brows back on track, and shares tips on how to maintain them at home so you can look your best.

The perfect brow shape.

  • According to Healy, your brows should lie squarely on the brow bone. It helps to use your fingers and feel where your brow bone is. "This way, you are making sure you are getting a brow shape that's unique to your own bone structure." 
  • Ideally, he says the brow should begin at the bridge of the nose and end at the corner of the eye. Also, the brow arch should be about two-thirds from the tail end.


  • Healy prefers tweezing over waxing or threading because it's more precise. "It lets you go hair by hair, really getting down to the details, including perfect symmetry." He suggests making quick, short plucking motions in the direction of hair growth. 
  • Don't be afraid to carefully tweeze stray hairs around the temples, forehead and eyelids. "While they may seem like innocent little hairs, they can collectively create a dark fuzz," says Healy. 
  • To achieve a perfect brow shape, you want to see the head of the brow as two parallel lines that gradually incline together, culminating at the arch, then gradually tapering off into the tail.

Using a brow pencil.

  • If your brows have some growing to do, Healy says you can get instant gratification by using a pencil, like Joey Healy's Brow Architect Stylo. 
  • "The best color application should be translucent, says Healy. "Your filling-in process should be artful and light-handed." 
  • If one brow is fuller than the other, simply apply less color — no need to over-do it.

Encourage fuller brows.

  • It's OK to like one brow better than the other. Instead of thinning your favorite brow to make them match, leave it and allow the other brow to catch up. "You just perfect it and use it as a role model." 
  • If your eyebrows already have a good length, don't trim them. Instead, just use a pencil to fill in any gaps along your brow-bone.

Watch the video above for more of Healy's tips and tricks.