A stage curtain believed to be the largest Pablo Picasso painting in North America is set to be displayed at a New York City museum.

Measuring 20 feet by 19 feet, "Le Tricorne" (luh TREE'-kohrn), or "The Three-Cornered Hat," was painted in 1919 for an avant-garde ballet troupe. It hung at the storied Four Seasons restaurant for 55 years.

It will be placed on long-term view at the New-York Historical Society beginning May 29. A related exhibition will run from May 29 through summer 2016.

The tapestry shows spectators and a fruit vendor at a bullfight.

The daughter of Seagram founder Samuel Bronfman acquired it in 1957 and displayed it in the Seagram Building restaurant. In 2005, the company gave it to the Landmarks Conservancy, which later donated it.

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