A young girl in Comstock Park is smiling bright after her mom took a page out of a fairy-tale by turning her wheelchair into a princess carriage.

Roslyn Breen was born with an undiagnosed muscular condition that prevents her from walking or sitting up.

But her mom was determined to give her daughter a magical Halloween.

3-year-old Roslyn Breen is as happy as any other kid when it approaches.

“Roz is forever my little princess. And she loves Disney so we knew Cinderella was something she’d really want,” said her mom, Tiffany.

She even wore Cinderella inspired slippers on her feet.

Making the special day happen took some hard work and dedication to pull off. Her mom used things she found in tubs she had packed away for the Christmas.

She soon went to work putting together this one-of-a-kind ride for her special little girl.

“Grabbed tinsel and ribbon and got some lights that work on a battery,” her mom said.

Tiffany also used some home supplies, hula hoops and zip ties to help bring the wheelchair carriage together.

Roslyn’s glowing costume gives reason for people to see why her daughter is so amazing.

“I wanted her to draw attention in a positive way. A lot of times we get stares for different reason," Tiffany said. “Roslyn, at this point is undiagnosed. We have exhausted science.”

Roslyn’s popularity grew with not one, but two trips to the ‘Zoo Goes Boo’ event downtown.

She was riding in style and can’t wait to venture out for Halloween.

This article originally appeared on Fox17.