A woman from a small town in southwest Mexico claims the image of Christ has appeared to her - in the form of a burn mark on a tortilla.

Enedina Mendoza and her family make tlayadas, a type of corn tortilla, at their home in Tlalixtac de Cabrera in Oaxaca state.

Mendoza on Monday explained that she normally doesn't take a second glance at her products.

But two weeks ago, she noticed a strange face-shaped burn mark on one tortilla.

"I had, had the tortilla there (by fire) a while and it wasn't browning, so I pulled it out and I never look at my tortillas, I make them and that's it, I put them where I have to put them. But this one, I took and I looked at the tortilla and I said to my sister: 'Look, I've got Christ!'" Mendoza recounted.

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The tortilla now takes pride of place on the family's altar.

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