Los Angeles council proposes banning fur sales, like West Hollywood and San Francisco

Angelenos eager to fill their fall wardrobes with fur may want to stock up now, as city council members have introduced a proposal banning its sale.

If the measure passes, the City of Angels would be the largest American metropolis to bar the sale and production of the controversial product.

On August 1, over a dozen animal welfare activists met with Councilman Paul Koretz at City Hall to discuss the issue, the L.A. Times reports. If the proposal, written by Koertz and fellow council member Bob Blumenfield, were to pass, L.A. would join West Hollywood, Berkeley and San Francisco in instating such policies.

San Francisco’s legislation is set to take effect Jan. 1 2019, following the Board of Supervisors' unanimous decision to ban the sale of fur in March.


“The bottom line is that humans do not need to wear the fur of another animal. Not in Los Angeles, not in any other city… To continue to allow the sale of fur is to condone violence,” Brian Ruppenkamp a member of an activist group called Los Angeles Animal Save, said at the Wednesday meeting.

As of now, the proposal would ban the manufacturing of new fur products and the sale of fur apparel, handbags and accessories, with the exception of “used goods.”

Meanwhile, one L.A. Fashion District shop owner lamented the proposal, arguing that such legislation would be wrong to mandate.

“First it’s what you wear, then it’s what you can eat. It’s not what democracy is supposed to be,” Paul Naim told the Times.

Similarly, West Hollywood’s fur ban has not been embraced by all, as some feel that it is ineffective.

“What has the ban in West Hollywood really achieved? Nothing,” Keith Kaplan, spokesman for the Fur Information Council of America, told the Times. “If they can’t find it in West Hollywood, they go right outside West Hollywood to buy it.”

Moving forward, Koretz requested that staffers research and report back possible conflicts that the new rules could pose, such as the legal ramifications regarding the fur hats often worn by Hasidic Jewish men.


L.A. was named the “most vegan-friendly city” in America by PETA in 2018.