Kyle Richards shares her best beauty advice, says she still feels pressure to look good

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“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” cast member Kyle Richards is no stranger to being on camera. As a former child actor, the reality star has been appearing in films and on television series since the 1970s, starting before the age of 10. She’s had roles in “Escape to Witch Mountain,” “Halloween” and “Little House on the Prairie,” among many others.

But despite her many years of experience, the mom of four says she still feels pressure to look a certain way on TV, though she’s learned to accept it as part of life. In an interview with Fox News, Richards shared what it’s like to see yourself age on camera, the best beauty tips she’s learned over the years, and what she wants to pass on to her daughters.


Richards says even after being on eight seasons of "RHOBH," she feels pressure to look good on camera, but what she likes about reality TV is that she can really just be herself.

“If I’ve gained weight it’s OK, this is life, this is my reality. The weight goes up, it goes down, my skin’s not looking great or whatever it is, it’s part of life. I do I feel pressure to look my best, but I think I do that in just my personal life anyway,” she told Fox News.

As she ages, Richards says her beauty routine evolves in order to make sure she always looks her best. “I started doing different things and having to go that extra mile, trying different things with my skin or things like that. Like cutting my hair off, just trying to keep things fresh and always wanting to look my best and put my best foot forward,” she said. (Editor’s note: Richards said she had her stylist cut a couple more inches off her new bob at 6 a.m. before this interview.)

“Just like I tell my daughters, first impressions are important so once it’s out there, whether it’s a picture or a TV show, it’s there, it’s gonna be out there forever,” she added.

Growing up with a mom who was fanatical about skincare, Richards says she learned the importance of taking care of hers at an early age. “She passed that on to me and I’ve passed that on to my daughters. I’ve learned that whether it’s with your skin or your hair, less is more. People go and do so much to it I don’t think that’s good. Too much product is not good, so I think that’s probably the best thing. And not the most expensive thing is the best thing. That’s for sure. I’ve learned that the hard way,” she said.


Richards is also trying to teach her own daughter’s the importance of sticking with a skincare regimen. She's recently teamed up with Clearasil and has been talking to other moms about how to get below the surface with their kids, whether it’s talking about self-esteem, skincare practices or the pressures of social media.

“I want them to look and feel their best. So just taking care of themselves [is important]. I’m a mom of four daughters so obviously that’s a big part of our conversations.”