Kim Kardashian Wears Nothing But a 'Furkini,' Must Be Freezing

Over the years, we've seen Kim Kardashian wearing everything from Swiss-cheese pants to a trashbag and some baby oil, so at this point, it's kinda hard to surprise us with an outrageous outfit.

One of her last few moves was to head out in the freezing cold wearing only a fur-embellished bikini — and that's exactly what she did.

On Tuesday, the 34-year-old shared a trio of snapshots on Instagram, possibly taken by husband Kanye West, wearing only a "furkini" and matching furry boots, also possibly designed by Kanye:

The last photo also reveals that Kim was wearing a large pair of matching furry boots, because only idiots go out in the cold without an adequate pair of insulated boots. She's not crazy or anything.

It should also be noted that Kim's "furkini" photos arrived on the exact same day she debuted the cleavage-heavy cover of her upcoming selfie book "Selfish." It's just like the old saying goes: When it rains (Kim Kardashian's boobs), it pours (Kim Kardashian's boobs).