Judging by Twitter, Proposition 19 a Shoo-in

If it was up to Twitter users, Proposition 19, which would legalize marijuana in California, would be a shoo-in. While there are a few dissenting voices, the vast number those tweeting about #prop19 seem a little happy already, if you know what we mean. Check it out:

Youloveanthony Just got done voting. #prop19 blaze-a-blaze, yessir!

BONE_CHILLA California voting officials report large number of voters turning in "Zig-Zags" when asked for their papers. pre-celebrating #prop19

Billmaher Californians, don't forget to vote for Prop 19! Even if u don't smoke, its the right thing to do! Ur kids will be safer if its legal

Kcpickett "Dude, I think I voted yes on #prop19, but I was pretty baked"- Jeff Spicoli

TheJasonKane Aint no shame in the weed game! If our state is broke, let's sell some buds and have a toke #prop19

Spatargo Bien por Zach Galifianakis que sacó un churro en pleno programa de HBO! Sí a la legalización de marihuana.. pero no sólo en California!

Supercatmatt Go #prop19, your supporters are just now getting up out of bed, now if they just remember to go vote!!

TheJPN its a lil after 3 in california so you guys should vote for #Prop19 before you get too stoned to drive

JoshHarkinson The shirts worn by the #prop19 phone bankers say "Yes We Cannabis" #marijuana #awesome

RegieSun_Fans Ojala acepten la#marihuana pues como vivo en frontera con California sera bueno ponerme en el rio a fumarme un churro con los border r :D