Jessie James Decker reveals the one fashion trend she'd 'probably' never wear

Jessie James Decker’s authentic sense of style has always been part of her Southern charm, from the red carpet to the road and the Kittenish runway.

The country star and designer recently sat down with Fox News Lifestyle to chat about her passion for fashion, from her glam routine on the road to her interior décor plans for her new Nashville home – plus, the one wild trend you probably won’t catch her wearing.

FOX NEWS: You often do your own hair and makeup on tour. What do you enjoy about that ritual?

JJD: I love doing my own hair and makeup. I feel like it gets me in the mood, in the zone, when I’m on the road. It’s kind of my time to mediate before I have to go on stage. I’ve picked up and learned so much from the amazing glam team around me.

My best friend does my makeup, and has for over ten years. She’s always got some new tip or trick that I take with me, and I’ll look back at old pictures that she’s done makeup for and I’ll try to make sure I’m doing it as great as she does.


Where do you find inspiration for your clothing line?

JJD: I’ve had Kittenish since 2015, and it’s really grown with me, it’s matured with me and my customers have matured with me. Some of our most popular pieces are the “cozy on the go” – the cute sweatpants with fringe, or the funny sayings on our sweatshirts, but we also have pieces that I feel like are more sophisticated, for our different customers.

I love being a designer, I love having my brand, and it’s great to see other women love it so much. Seeing them come into the store, and trying on the outfits, it just makes them feel so good and confident, and that’s all you could ask for.

What's the one trend you'd never wear?

JJD: I don’t know if there is something that I would never wear personally. Probably not that… there’s like that Latex dress [trend.] First of all, I’m extremely allergic to Latex, I can’t even have the rubber gloves on me. I probably wouldn’t go that direction!


What’s a trend you're loving right now?

JJD: I love are the ribbed swimsuits, I think those are really great and they’re extremely flattering, especially for women like me that are moms, it kind of gives it that extra “suck it all in,” especially the ribbed one pieces. I’m really loving that, I hope it sticks around for a while.

Tell us about the new “forever home” that you and Eric recently moved to in Nashville.

JJD: We moved into the new home, and we’re absolutely loving it. It’s not 100 percent done but we definitely have a lot of renovations that we did. As soon as it’s finally all put together, we’re going to do a home tour and let people look on the inside.

I’ve definitely noticed people way more excited than I thought they would be to see our home, because I’ve been doing sneak peeks along the way. It really is our forever home and I’m so in love with it. It feels great to finally feel settled.


Any special décor plans for the new house?

JJD: The home actually had this incredible arch hallway, but they had these Caesar’s Palace columns that I wasn’t into, so we ripped those out and kind of wrapped it in drywall. It really changed the home so much.

It’s such a beautiful home, it’s not your typical cookie cutter house. There’s so many details that you can tell the architect must have just really thought about. We’re so fortunate that we get to have it our own now.

But this hallway that goes up and down enters into this beautiful dining room, which, actually, the owners before us, they just had it as a living area, and we turned it into a dining room, with this a beautiful fringe chandelier… oh, it’s amazing.