Italian model and daredevil records herself soaring over active volcano in Chile

A video has gone viral of an Italian model jumping out of a helicopter over Chile’s famous Villarrica volcano, hitting more than a million views in a couple of weeks.

The magazine model and daredevil Roberta Mancino took the plunge over the active volcano in March, wearing a wingsuit and protective gear to keep her safe from the heat emanating from the volcano.

Video footage shot from multiple GoPro cameras shows Mancino, 35, stepping out of the helicopter as dawn breaks before gracefully dropping into thin air.

For the next minute, we watch Mancino and her crew soar directly above the volcano, capturing footage of bubbling lava and gliding through a plume of sulfurous smoke.

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Mancino is an experienced BASE jumper, wingsuit flier, and skydiver and the smoke doesn’t phase her as she eventually releases her parachute and glides safely to the base of the mountain.

This isn’t Mancino’s first major stunt, but it is one she has been dreaming of for a long time. Before the Villarrica jump, she spent years training for it.

In 2015, she traveled to Dubai and spent a few days leaping off the city’s Princess Tower, even recording herself giving her boyfriend a mid-air smooch.

Villarrica is one of Chile's most active volcanoes with the latest major eruption occurring last March that caused a loud explosion and forced the evacuation of 3,385 people in nearby communities.

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