Quick, think of something really gross. It could be a bodily fluid, or a rodent, or maybe just a stinky sludge of unknown origin. Got it? Good.

Now thank your lucky stars you're not Blanche Garcia, because she's probably had to clean that crap from the country's most horrible hotel rooms.

During her tenure as a design consultant on Travel Channel's "Hotel Impossible," Blanche Garcia has seen some of the grossest, most disgusting things you could possibly imagine. But if your imagination is lacking, allow her to explain: "The craziest [thing I've seen] was [when] we started peeling back the wallpaper in a hotel room, and there were literally old roaches stuck to it," Garcia tells us. "Not pretty."

But that's not all. Garcia says she's seen all kinds of "sexy stuff" that would make the average hotel guest hurl, up to and including buckets of hurl itself.

"There was a bar at [this] hotel, so people would go out, and then still hang around the hotel at night," explains Garcia of one particular building she was remodeling. "So we go to remove plants and things, and there's stuff like throw-up in there."

But lest you become turned off of hotels forever, Garcia has a list of precautions you can take to increase your chances of a restful stay.

Watch the clip above to learn what to do with your luggage, your bedding, and even your own feet when you enter a strange hotel room, then stop puking in the hotel's planters. Somebody's gotta clean that up, you know!