A woman in Florida suffered injuries to her face after getting attacked by a bear in her own driveway.

The large animal injured the woman while she was taking her dogs out for a walk. Fortunately, the woman’s injuries were not considered to be life-threatening.

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Police officers and biologists with the Florida FWC responded to reports of a woman being attacked by a bear on Jan. 13 around 9 p.m. (Volusia County Sheriff's Office)

The incident occurred on Jan. 13 in DeBary, Florida. According to a news release from Florida Fish and Wildlife, officials received reports of the attack around 9 p.m. that evening.

When Volusia County Sheriff’s Officers arrived on the scene, a large female bear was found in a tree with her three young cubs. Biologists from FWC arrived on the scene and tranquilized the mother bear.


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Aydee's main concern after the attack was for the safety of her dog.  (Volusia County Sheriff's Office)

Since it had attacked a human in the middle of a neighborhood, FWC regulations called for the bear to be humanely euthanized. The three cubs, who each weighed an estimated 100-lbs, were considered old enough to survive on their own.

According to the FWC news release, no attempt was made to capture the cubs.


Black Bear Along A Stream in Canada's Great Bear Rainforest

The Florida FWC urges residents to contact them if they spot a bear acting aggressively. (iStock)

Aydee, the woman who was attacked, spoke with local news station Fox 35 about the incident. According to her, she came across the startled and was scratched in the face. She turned to run away and began calling for help.

"I was screaming and going to my neighbors to see if he can call 911 or help me or take out a gun," Aydee told Fox 35.

According to neighbors who came out to help, Aydee's main concern was the safety of her dog. While the beloved pet briefly went missing after the attack, it was soon found uninjured.

One of Aydee's neighbors, Awston Kennedy, also spoke with Fox 35, saying that the bear had actually been spotted in their tree before it attacked Aydee. When some people tried to shoo it away, they accidentally sent the bear running into Aydee and her dog. After the attack, Kennedy says a few residents helped scare the bear away into a wooded area, where it stayed in a tree until police and wildlife officials arrived.


Aydee told Fox 35 that while she loves animals, she wishes the cubs had been relocated.

She explained, "I’m an animal lover too, but those are not my friends. She was trespassing at my house. I was not in her territory. Two more years and we will be in the same boat."

The FWC urges residents to avoid feeding bears and to report any instances of a bear acting aggressively. It also asks residents to report any instances of people intentionally harming bears or if a bear has been spotted that appears sick or injured.