FCC To Study Latino Television Habits, Wants To Increase Diversity In Broadcasting

While Hollywood pays keen attention to the influence of Latinos on the movie industry, the Federal Communications Commission wants to learn more about what Latinos are watching on small screen.

The regulatory agency that has oversight over the broadcasting industry announced Thursday that it will be examining the relationships of Latino TV ownership, programming and viewing.

Noting that  recent Census data show that 17 percent of the U.S. population – about 53 million people – is of Latino origin, the FCC wants the study to encourage increased diversity in TV broadcasting.

“With (this) announcement, the FCC is further demonstrating its commitment to gather data and fund research and analysis to understand better how the Commission’s policies promote the public interest,” the agency said in a press release.

“The Commission has long understood that diverse participation in the broadcast industry and access to diverse sources of information are vital to a robust democracy.”

Specifically, the study will look at how much programming is aimed at Latino viewers on television and what role digital multicasting plays in increasing the amount of Latino content.

The FCC will also analyze ratings in markets that have a significant Latino population.

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