Father's Day Gifts: Stylish Picks for Dad

When I remember my dad, I remember how he made us laugh, his unconditional love and, of course, his style.

He was easygoing and his style reflected it. My father was meticulous about fit and quality, preferring classic pieces to trends.

If your dad is anything like mine, he knows what he likes and has his own distinct style. And if you’re anything like me, you have given him the dreaded socks for Father's Day at least once. But there are times that you have given him great gifts that really reflect his style.

My father had two favorites. The first was a pink shirt he wore with white jeans or khakis every summer. The other was a silk/wool sportscoat I designed for him that he wore year-round with jeans or dress pants.

Today, I celebrate my father's style and wonder what he would pick as his favorite piece for the Spring/Summer season. These are easy classic pieces I think should be in every man's wardrobe.

Here are Enrique's top 10 picks.

1. Nothing says summer more than a pair of crisp white jeans. They can be worn with classic blue, a bright color or a soft pink.

2. A Polo shirt in this season's bright colors. This Olympic year, everyone has a stylish Polo supporting their favorite team. Pick one up supporting his favorite team

3. Khaki shorts that are tailored to fit, not oversized. They should be relaxed and easy to pair with sneakers or sandals.

4. Dark denim jeans. My father preferred classic Levi's but today there is an array of fits and washes. Keep the style simple and finish dark so it can be his dress jeans to be worn with a crisp white shirt and dress shoes.

5. A linen shirt in either white or bright blue. There are rainbows of color choices in linen, but if this is his go-to linen shirt, make it one that can be worn with all his slacks.

6. Light-colored Oxfords or moccasins are the perfect summer shoes. These are the shoes he will wear with all his summer slacks and shorts.

7. Anything green! It was my father's favorite color and one of the 10 colors this season.

8. A great pair of sunglasses. My dad loved his classic Ray Ban aviators. This is a classic style that works for most face shapes. Think of your father's style and pick a pair he will wear all year long.

9. Light-weight classic flat front pants. This style makes every man look updated. Choose a light-weight cotton or linen for ease and comfort.

10. Jacket or sportcoat in neutral colors to work with this season’s bright colors. You will want to choose one in a summer fabric such as linen, cotton, silk or any blend of these.

I hope this list can make shopping for your father a little easier and as memorable as he is.