Disabled Brazilian Skateboarder Draws Attention For Styling Flips, Grinds And Jumps

Kickflips and heelflips may be out of the question for one Brazilian skateboarder, but that hasn't stopped him from taking the web by storm…and doing it without legs.

Using his hands and a little help from his friends, 26-year old Italo Romano filmed a video of himself flipping, grinding and jumping around the urban jungle of his hometown of Curitiba.

In the three-minute video, which was posted on YouTube's SK8ONLY channel a week ago and already has more than 220,000 views, Romano uses the curved base of a statue as a quaterpipe. He is rolled into the jump by friends, and he uses his hands to flip the board beneath him. Later in the video the Brazilian flies over a gap before pulling urethane-straining power slides down a hilly street, grinding over park benches and launching himself downs huge sets of stairs.

Romano lost his legs at the age of 13 while he as jumping between trains with friends. He took up skateboarding a few years afterward as a way to channel his energy and work out some frustration.

He has since become one of the country’s top extreme athletes and even made it to the semifinals of a professional tournament in Florida back in 2012.

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