'Curvy' Instagrammer's inspiring message about 'Mr. 6-Pack' husband goes viral

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A body-positive Instagrammer has taken to social media to speak out against trolls who feel her husband is too handsome for her.

On Thursday Jenna Kutcher posted a picture on Instagram of her and her husband – “Mr. 6-Pack” – strolling down a beach in Hawaii. The adorable shot, taken by wedding photographer Lindsey Roman, shows the married pair leaning in to share a kiss.


While a couple on vacation doesn’t itself seem inspiring, the 29-year-old ‘Goal Digger’ podcast host has struck a positive chord with her fans because of the message she attached to the photo.

Kutcher starts by explaining an exchange that happened a month earlier after she posted a photo of her and her husband, Drew, a 31-year-old health coach she met in college, the New York Post reports.

“Someone once slid into my DMs and told me they couldn’t believe I had managed to land a guy as good looking as @kickingitwithkutch. I’ll be honest that I was taken aback,” Kutcher writes in the caption.

“Part of my insecurity with my body has stemmed around being married to Mr. 6-Pack himself. Why should I, a curvy girl get him? I feel unworthy and when I write narratives in my head that because I am not thin, I don’t deserve him,” she continues.

In the caption, Kutcher goes on to describe how her husband has “embraced every curve, every dimple, pound and pimple for the last ten years.”

“So yes, my thighs kiss, my arms are big, and my bum is bumpy but there is just more of me for him to love and I chose the man that could handle alllll that (and so much more!),” Kutcher concludes in her post.

Her Instagram fans loved the sweet sentiment and left encouraging comments on the now-viral post, telling Kutcher “don’t listen to the haters.”


Kutcher, who told the Post she has struggled with eating disorders in the past, is pleased to see the response the photo is gathering and hopes to keep inspiring women to love their bodies.

“I want to set an example for women to wait for the man who sees you and loves you and your flaws and accepts you,” Kutcher says. “Drew has walked with me on every journey my body has been through and has loved me the same no matter what size I am.”

As for Drew, he’s still surprised by the attention her post is getting.

“He’s been blown away and he asked me, ‘How is this newsworthy?’ ” she told the Post. “ ‘I don’t get why the world is so curious [about] how I could love you. I vowed to love you. How you look has nothing to do with that.’”