Colombia: 10 People Injured in Bullfight Gone Wrong

A bullfighting festival in a small northern municipality of Colombia left at least 10 people seriously injured over the weekend, according to local media reports.

Dozens of thrill-seekers in the town of Sabanalarga ventured into the ring for a turn taunting or chasing a bull, either on foot or on horseback.

The unlucky or the slow were tossed into the air by the bull's horns.

Caracol Radio reported that of the 30 injured participants, ten people remained in hospital after being gored by bulls during the three-day festival.

The festival, which concluded on Sunday, is held in honor of the Virgin of Mercedes.

Bullfighting is a popular form of entertainment during annual patron saint festivities across the Atlantico region, where Sabanalarga is located.

Some participants enter the ring intoxicated by alcohol, giving them a false sense of security and increasing the risk of injury.

However, in spite of the risks, hundreds of young men took part in the festival of their own volition.

"If it made me afraid, I wouldn't do it," said bullfight participant Luis Arrieta. "You just do your job and keep going."

Based on reporting by The Associated Press.

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