CHEAT SHEET: How to Take Care of Your Lawn All Year Long

Maintaining a lush, beautiful lawn requires more than just mowing it in the summer, or occasionally issuing threats to local teenagers who accidentally step on your grass.

If you really want your lawn to be the envy of the neighborhood, you'll need to take good care of it all year long. That means watering, raking, weeding, and even issuing a standing threat against those punk kids who keep cutting across your lawn on the way to the skate park.

For more detailed instructions, you should probably take a look at the below "cheat sheet" from the folks at Heiton Buckley, an Ireland-based maintenance-supply company. They've listed everything you need to know about keeping your lawn grassy and green, aside from which specific curse words you should holler at a tween for maximum intimidation.

Check out their advice below, then start practicing your "Get off my #!✘@★$ lawn!" face in the mirror.