Charmer-In-Chief: Was Obama Flirting With Dutch Queen Maxima During Nuclear Summit?

As the world leaders turn.

President Barack Obama was in the Netherlands on Tuesday attending the Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague along with other world leaders.

Not, it would seem, a prime flirting opportunity.

But the president seemed to focus exclusively on the Dutch Queen Máxima at a dinner to honor delegates to the summit hosted by the queen and her husband, King Willem-Alexander, at the Huis ten Bosch palace.

Keep in mind that Pres. Obama managed to get himself in Dutch, pardon the pun, with a selfie by Danish Prime Minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, taken at a memorial for Nelson Mandela in South Africa last December.

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Queen Máxima, who was born and raised in Buenos Aires and is descended from Portugal's King Alfonso III, caught the eye of other leaders, too. The United Kingdom's David Cameron and France's newly unattached François Hollande were pictured ignoring King Willem-Alexander.

But the attention seemed to be mutual in the case of the queen and Obama. Cameras caught them leaning toward each other, smiling, espied in quiet conversation through a window. And when it came time for a group photo, the Queen turned her body a quarter-turn away from her husband on her left to the man standing to her right – Obama.

Good thing the First Lady and the girls were in China at the time.

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