Carolina Herrera Talks Fashion, Social Media

Fashion icon Carolina Herrera loves bright colors. But it’s not because she’s Venezuelan.

“When you see bright colors, (people) always ask you, ‘Is it because you are South American?’” she told Fox News Latino. “It’s not. Bright colors are part of fashion. You see it everywhere. Even with the painters in Germany. They are not in the tropics. Yet, look at their colors.”

For her spring collection, Herrera embraced a cheerful canary-bird print, used patent leather panels to fake out belts and chose a finale outfit, a beaded top and long folded gazar skirt, both in bright grass green.

And just how is the world-renown fashion star embracing the social media revolution?

“I don’t do Twitter, and I don’t have Facebook,” she said. “I only have a Blackberry that I use sometimes to talk to my daughters.”

Here’s more on her Spring fashion line: