Career Tip Tuesday: 3 Ways a Second Job Can Boost Your Career

You’re probably thinking a second job is just plain impossible or a terrible way to spend your free time after working 40 hours or more a week. What if that second job can benefit your career and advance your brand?

Consider this: there are 168 hours in a week. You work about 40 hours, spend about 10 hours commuting, and 56 hours sleeping (if you are able to sleep eight hours). That leaves 62 hours free. Maybe you really only have 40 hours left if you account for running errands and miscellaneous activities. Dreading the start of your workday, not exactly “hating” your job but wishing that you could do (and earn) more in your career is no way to begin your days. Below are three ways a second job can make good use of that precious free time and feel fulfilled in your first job.

1. Extra Cash

If you have ever asked for a raise and been turned down, going to work everyday may have lost it’s appeal. Gain some enthusiasm and make some extra cash by taking a look at your hobbies and skills.

  • If you’re into making jewelry, sell some of those pieces on Etsy (online marketplace for handmade goods). 
  • Do you have a passion for nutrition, the outdoors, or working out? Start a blog about it! Not the best writer? Create a photo or video blog. Advertising is just one of the ways bloggers make money.  
  • If you are a social media whiz why not offer small business owners classes online or in person? You can also sell social media services to those who don’t have time to learn the ropes.

Your second job should be something you already enjoy, is flexible, and doesn’t present a conflict of interest with your employer. This way your second job won’t feel like work and your boss won’t feel that it’s interfering.

2. Advance Your Skills

The knowledge you gain through your second job can benefit your first job. Maybe your second job requires you to pitch your services/products to potential clients, improving your presentation skills at your first job. A second job in teaching or coaching builds your leadership skills.

3. Grow Your Network

A second job opens up a whole new network of people. Many of them may also have two jobs and you will form a strong connection due to your coinciding interests. Having two jobs in unrelated fields will make you more marketable among your peers. Instead of people struggling to recall, “that accountant” they met, you stand out as “Mike the Accountant/Music Teacher.”

Take the time you would normally use after dinner to work on a creative project that brings in extra income and is enjoyable, instead of doing things that don’t add value to your life.

Imagine how great it will feel to look forward to something other than sleeping in on the weekends and have a sense of autonomy and control in your career. Remember, once those days, hours, and seconds are gone you can never get them back. Fill them with things that will make you smile when you look back at the time well spent on your family, friends, and career/s.