What’s a way to tell the difference between a man and woman?  According to one bar, it’s what you drink.

Los Pollitos III, a Mexican restaurant in Brooklyn, New York, is causing a real stir with its new cocktail  menu that divides drinks by gender.

On the menu are drinks “For Ladies” that are sweeter and contain lighter liquors like wine and Bailey’s, while drinks listed “For Men” have a higher alcohol content and contain strong spirits like tequila and 151 proof rum.

There is also a section of the menu with drinks “For Everyone” that has bar standards like a Mojito and a Mexican twist on a Sex on the Beach.

"The idea was to make people laugh," Marcos Merino the restaurant manager who came up with the idea for separate cocktail lists, told DNA Info. "People get excited about the menu and have fun with it."

"A lot of times ladies don't like to have the strong stuff so this menu is for them," said restaurant bartender Leo Vasquez who came up the categories two weeks ago.

But not everyone’s laughing.

Vasquez made it clear that men and women can order anything they like.

Ladies drinks at Los Pollitos III are $7 while men’s cost $10 due to pricier ingredients.