Author of "Dirty Girls' Social Club" Drops New Book

Best-selling author Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez has a new book, her seventh, dropping early next week.

You can think of “The Three Kings” as a sort of “The Dirty Girls’ Social Club,” narrowed down to one chica and fast-forwarded a few years: The novel follows high-powered Latina divorcee Christy de la Cruz as—under the tutelage of her can-do cousin Maggie—she goes downright traditional in her search for a new man.

We asked Valdes-Rodrigues to point us to her favorite passage, and tell us why she liked it. Here’s what she said:

“The Three Kings" marks a departure of sorts for me, and is the first novel written in the wake of what I humbly call my own spiritual awakening. It is still a chica lit book, with all the fun and spice of the ones that came before; but it is also a spiritual book, with a strong Christian/Catholic message for Christmas.

I like this particular chapter because I think it captures the mix of silly humor, naked humanity and profound spirituality that I was hoping to bring together in this book. Here, Christy asks God and the Virgin of Guadalupe to bring her three men for Christmas, and they come through for her—but the result is not what she expected, and our modern Latina scrooge is forced to realize that selfishness and greed must stop being at the heart of her life.”