Be careful what you write, especially on social media.

The Colombian journalist and super soccer fan, Alejandra Omaña, promised in January that if her favorite team, Cúcuta Deportivo, managed to rise to the country’s top level soccer league, she would go “balls naked” in the local men’s magazine, SoHo.

This month, Omaña, who was born in Cúcuta on the border with Venezuela, proved that she is a promise keeper, shedding her clothes and inhibitions for the magazine.

Along with the pictures, she wrote a text to explain why she agreed to the naked shoot.

“I wasn’t born into a footballing family,” she wrote. “My father enjoyed bullfights and cycling more, and my brother had musical passions—so I discovered in other Cucuteños, in the environment, in street corners and in neighborhood stores, my passion for Cúcuta Deportivo.”

Last year Cúcuta languished in the country’s second-tier league, but performed well enough to earn a spot in the Torneo de Acenso.

On Jan. 20, Cúcuta played Deportes Quindío with a spot in the top league on the line. That day, before the game started, she promised that if the team reached the top she would strip for SoHo magazine.

She said, “I got carried away by the emotion of feeling part of a movement that dresses in red and black.”

The two teams ended the match 3-3 and both qualified for the A league.

“That’s why you have these wonderful photos,” she wrote in SoHo. The experience, she said, “was an unforgettable journey that I now scratch off my list that I had to do during the course of my life.”

And, she concluded, “I hope to be a bit more cautious in my betting should Cúcuta Deportivo win the championship this year.”

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