Art Basel, Latino Style

Coming from Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, El Salvador, and Cuba, the Latino presence appears to be everywhere in Art Basel in the Miami Beach Convention Center. While walking through the cavernous space, Spanish can be heard from art enthusiasts, to collectors, art advisors, gallery owners, and the artists themselves.

The Art Basel Show in Miami celebrates its 11th year this year. The show features over 250 leading international galleries representing work from the early 20th century to today. Over 680 galleries compete to participate. At least 15 percent of the Artist are from Latin America.

Writer and Editor Jose D. Duran, of the Miami New Times, would not say whether there are more Latinos involved in Basel this year, and the committees of people who choose the galleries are pretty hush-hush.

But Duran says, “More Latinos are buying property in Miami. So it isn’t hard to make the conclusion that they’re a flush bunch, and will mostly need art for their new digs--and that would make a big impact at Basel,” he says.

Watch the video to see some of the work presented at Art Basel and a few examples of Latinos making an impact on the largest art stage in the US.