Argentine Stunner Wows Crowds With Soccer Skills In Heels And Tight Shorts

When 24-year-old Argentinean model Fiorella Castillo wants to practice her soccer game, she doesn’t head down to her local pitch in cleats and a pair of Adidas shorts.

Instead the foxy footballer dons a tight pair of teeny denim shorts, a low-cut Argentine soccer jersey and a pair of platform heels to wow crowds walking along the streets of Mar del Plata.

A video of her stylish soccer skills has gone viral on YouTube, generating over 850,000 page views since being uploaded on January 20 and drawing comparisons to Paraguayan beauty and soccer fan Larissa Riquelme ... except that Castillo has skills both on and off the pitch.

In the minute and a half video, the Argentinean actress and television producer juggles the ball while laying on the ground, spins it on her fingers like a Harlem Globetrotter and bounces it off her shoulder before continuing to keep the ball afloat with her heels.

Castillo said that the reason she wears her skimpy outfit while performing her skills is to stand apart from the crowd in the soccer-crazed nation.

“I wear heels so I don't lose my femininity when I'm performing my tricks," she told Ruptly TV. "It's something different. Otherwise, I'd just be another girl doing it."

She added that she is a fan of both Lionel Messi and Argentinean soccer legend Diego Maradona, and is expected to hop across the border to Brazil later this year to support her nation in its campaign to win the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

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