Are Spicy Colors Good for Spicy Latinas?

Are the new spicy colors good for spicy Latinas?

Recently, I spoke about one of hottest color trends this fall season, the spicy colors. Then someone asked me a question a really good question. "I was told I can't wear earth tones so are these spicy colors really good for me?"

I realized this just might be something that a lot of you are thinking. How exactly can I wear this season’s spicy colors?

As Latinas we are a mix of many different shades. We can be of the deepest chocolate to the lightest milk chocolate and every imaginable shade of mocha in between. So how can I address this if Latinas as a whole can wear these colors?

I am going to keep it as simple as possible so that you can determine which shade of spice best suits you. In my book 7 Days to Style, I give readers a few simple tests to determine skin tone and which colors look best on them.

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Here is one of those simple tests to determine if you have cool or warm undertones.

Take a white towel or shirt or any piece of white clothing and another one in beige. Now first drape the white cloth around your neck making sure you have no makeup or jewelry. Notice how your skin and eyes look.

Repeat these same steps with the beige cloth. Which one looked better on you? Which one made you look alive and your eyes brighter? Which one made you look tired and sallow?

If the pure white cloth looked best on you, you have cool undertones. You look best in blue based colors and silver jewelry. If the beige cloth looked best then you have warm undertones. You look best in yellow based colors and gold jewelry. This of course, is just a simple test and there are plenty of other factors to consider when determining which colors look best.

Most olive and deeper skinned Latinas tend to have cool undertones. They look best in the richer brighter shades of Paprika, chili pepper red and saffron. Any of the colors that have a blue undertone. Stay away from Olives and greens with too much yellow in them as they can make you look sallow.

For the fairer and more warm undertone Latina this is your season. You look amazing in a lot of these mustard yellow, pumpkin and olive green. Stay away from more blue based colors as they can overpower you.

The fun part of fashion though is the ability to break the rules. An easy way to break the color rule is to wear any color you want and makes you feel good but just make sure to wear the right color around your face.

Wearing a scarf in your perfect spice shade and make up in those shades is the easy solution. Fall and winter is all about layering so make sure to mix and match all these wonderful colors to create an interesting look.

Of course, Latinas can wear the spicy colors, as matter of fact they were made for