Alleged UFO Spotted Dive Bombing Into Mexico's Popocatepetl Volcano

Mexico’s Popocatepetl volcano has been very active recently…with extraterrestrial activity.

A video making rounds online and shot by the Mexican media company Televisa shows what appears to be a brightly-lit, cigar-shaped object overtop the volcano and then plunge into its fiery opening. Televisa, which regulates the feisty volcano’s daily activity as it is prone to spewing ash from its bowels, recently interviewed Margarita Rosado Solis, a member of the International Astronomical Union and a researcher at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

Her conclusion was that the so-called UFO does not appear to be part of any material ejected from the volcano. She added that while it might be a meteorite, that too seemed iffy because there was no sound or explosion that generally indicates a meteorite impact and there was also no fireball or debris trailing the object.

While the Internet is flooded daily with reports of UFO sightings from around the globe, the backing of some high ranking experts give this claim a bit more credence.

"What I think is that this is not a likely fake. I think, for the moment, this is a genuine image capture," Marc Dantonio, chief photo and video analyst of the Mutual UFO Network and a contractor with the U.S. Navy, Congress and the Joint Chiefs of Staff in Washington told the Huffington Post via email.

Dantonio points that the Televisa images were shot on time lapse and that when played at full speed the UFO appears to be moving much faster.

"When played back at normal video speeds, the object is made to appear to be moving very fast, but, in fact, it is moving at aircraft speeds if you play it at the proper frame rate for the capture,” he added.

The cigar shape of the UFO supports the theory that Mexico’s mystery object may be of the extraterrestrial kind. Images from Kentucky last year reported the appearance of a strange cylindrical object floating in the skies above Lexington for more than two hours.

While some may call this good evidence of a close encounter with the third kind, Dantonio warns against making any rash judgments. An airplane descending toward a nearby runway could be a better explanation than E.T. landing in Mexico, he added.

"I am leaning toward the object being a captured commercial jet passing through the field of view. Several elements of this video are initially startling, firstly that the object appears to be moving fast, and secondly, that it appears to be descending into the volcano,” he said. "Because this is a time lapse video, however, the speed is an illusion, and the flight path of the object and the descending appearance are likely an illusion of perspective, as well."

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