19 Videos of People Absolutely Crushing the 'Bottle Flip Challenge'

Back in May, a young man named Mike Senatore shocked the nation after successfully flipping a half-filled water bottle onto a TV tray — an act we now understand to be the zenith of human achievement.

But was it really?

In the months since, Senatore's stunning performance has inspired fans to take on their own #waterbottlechallenges, which have produced hundreds, if not thousands, of equally monumental feats. From flipping two bottles at a time to flipping two larger bottles at a time, the world's finest flippers are proving that no challenge is beyond mankind's grasp.

Watch the clips below to see 19 of these game-changing moments, which will stand as the apex of human achievement until somebody figures out how to land a slice of bread on an open-faced sandwich and the entire internet loses its mother-loving mind:

#1. The Second-Story Flip

#2. The Screaming Flip

#3. The 'Use My Head as a Table' Flip 

#4. The Basic-Training Flip

#5. The Soccer-Style Flip

#6. The Backflip Bottle Flip

#7. The Upside-Down Landing

#8. Two at a Time

#9. Two at a Time, But With a Cooler Reaction

#10. The Scooter Flip

#11. The Physics-Defying Double Flip

#12. The Backboard-Assisted Flip

#13. The Foot Flip

#14. The Kickball-Assisted Flip

#15. The Skateboard Flip

#16. The Moving-Vehicle Flip

#17. The Trampoline/Jug Flip

#18. The Baby Bottle Flip

#19. The 'I'm Bored of Bowling' Flip