101-year-old lottery winner says money will be used to fix her roof

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When it rains, it pours.

Take, for instance, 101-year-old Lily Camacho. Just last week, the roof of the Mexican-American’s home in Kearny, Arizona, started to leak in the heavy rains that flooded much of the Southwest.

The other major event of the week was when her son, Eusebio Camacho, who is 78 himself and lives just down the street, stopped by with a couple of scratch-off lottery tickets, something he does a few times a week, even if the particular game, Money Tree, wasn’t one that they’d ever played before.

“It was an impulse purchase,” Eusebio told Fox News Latino. “Sometimes she asks me to get her a ticket, but not this time. I went to the store and thought, ‘She’ll want to know why I didn’t get her one.’ I would come back with a ticket for myself, she’d ask, ‘How come you didn’t bring me one?’”

So Eusebio got his mom her own ticket and dropped it off at her house, which she bought 63 years ago.

“I came back a couple of hours later,” he said, “and she told me, ‘You better check that ticket.’ I asked, ‘Is it a winner?’ She said, ‘I think so.’”

The largest amount the mother of five living children, 24 grandkids, 39 great-grandkids, 19 great-great-grandkids and, yes, one great-great-great-grandchild had ever won before was $100; this ticket got her $50,000.

“Well,” her son pointed out, “only $35,000 after taxes. Still she is very happy about it.”

What is she planning to do with the money?

“Fix the roof of her house,” Eusebio said. “She was so worried about it.”

No special, self-indulgent treat?

“No,” he said, chuckling. “Maybe do the kitchen, too—it’s kind of in bad shape. And the carport.”