10 Funny Dog Videos That Are Sure to Brighten Your Day

If you’re having a ruff day, you can't go wrong with some entertaining dog videos.

Dogs are man’s best friend, not only because of their company, support, protection and love, but for the genuine happiness they bring you. Especially when they're dancing around a convenience store in a pretty little dress.

As a result, here’s a list of our favorite top ten dog videos guaranteed to make you laugh.

Hungry Dogs Finish Last

Just run the course without being distracted. Easy enough, right? Nope. This poor dog just wants to eat everything around him, and we can seriously relate. (Though you definitely lost the competition, you are not alone, young pup. You are not alone.)

Shake What Ya Momma Gave Ya

Go to the gym and do some squats to tone that butt. Then contact a local corgi to learn how to shake it.


This poor dachshund just wanted to go downstairs, but someone had to play the tuba.

Keep On Rolling

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. When life gives you a hill, you repeatedly throw yourself down it as many times as your heart desires.


We’ve all been the outsider at a party before, and this dog certainly fits that mold. He stands right in the middle of the pool without moving or acknowledging anyone. (If he wanted to go under the radar, maybe the center of the pool wasn't the best choice?)

Running Man Challenge

You’ve seen athletes, students, police officers, and now dogs? This corgi has more rhythm than us, and he certainly seems to be enjoying himself.

Friday's Here!

When the weekend finally comes, take a lesson from this lab and run (or hop) all the way to the beach and straight into the ocean. Commence weekend celebration.

Just Keep Swimming. Or Not

Role reversal: Humans do the doggy paddle to swim, but this dog chooses just to stand.

Dancing With the Dogs

Can dogs participate in "Dancing with the Stars"? Because I think we may have found the next contestant.

Bath Time

Sometimes at the end of the day, all you need is relaxing bath, amirite? This pit bull knows what I'm talking about.