For cancer patients who have undergone chemotherapy, having enough hair to cut again is a milestone. To celebrate survivors of the disease, a Philadelphia salon donated makeovers to six young women on Wednesday, My Fox Philly reported.

The women, selected by the patient navigation program at Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania, had a day of pampering at  the Bellevue Salon. For salon executive director Sarah Keating, the day was especially personal.

"My husband was diagnosed in 2001 with  non-Hodgkin's lymphoma— cured by the Abramson Cancer Center, so I'm very committed to the cause" Keating said.

Cancer survivor Dakota Fisher-Vance, 22, has familial adenomatous polyposis, a disorder that led to bone cancer; she now has a desmoid tumor.

"It's so crazy how something so superficial can you make you feel so good inside because you feel so crappy sometimes, because of physicality of having cancer to have someone come to make you beautiful on outside … it's truly inspiring and heartwarming," she said of the event.

Survivor Michelle Greenberg  has learned— especially on days like this— even in the shadow of breast cancer, you aren’t in it by yourself.

“You’re not alone in this. Other people have been through it, and you get past it,” she told the news channel.

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