There's no denying Katie Davis is pregnant.

"I'm due on Friday," Davis said.  "I'm having a cesarean."

The expectant mom has been spending the final days of her second pregnancy online, reading forums on all things 'baby,'  but she never thought she'd see an ad from someone selling positive pregnancy tests on her computer screen.

"I'm actually kind a shocked by it , like really shocked," she said. "I can understand extra cash right now would be great, but I wouldn't want to give my (used test).  It's just ew.  I'm sorry, that's gross."

Whether there's an actual market for these the tests remains unclear.

In the past few days, listings have popped up on Craigslist websites in several major cities.  Five listings were posted on Craigslist Houston on the first and second day of September.

In New York, One mommy-to-be said she got the money making idea after several people asked her to take a test for them.  Now a trending topic of discussion on social media, it's possible some listings are a copycat's idea of a joke, but relationship expert Mary Jo Rapini says there's nothing funny about using someone else's pregnancy test to fool a partner, especially if it's done to get a ring.

Rapini tweeted:  "Proves your level of desperation.  Manipulating 2 B married; worst possible foundation. Until the truth is revealed. Sad when we hear of 1 of 2 marriages divorce."

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