New York women, it’s time to embrace your inner moodiness. And that means ditching the drugs.

“Too many of us are out of sync with our bodies and our environment, and that disconnect is making us sick, fat, tired, wired and miserable,” Dr. Julie Holland writes in “Moody Bitches.”

Holland, who previously chronicled her years working in a psychiatric ER in “Weekends at Bellevue,” doesn’t advise a wholesale rejection of Big Pharma; she just wants to point out that our biology is great at giving us red flags, so we shouldn’t be so quick to reach for that take-the-edge-off Xanax.

“We are designed to be dynamic, cyclical and, yes, moody,” writes Holland, who explains the female body is prone to more hormonal — and, thus, emotional — variability than the male one. “The problem is not our emotionality; the problem is that we are being persuaded to medicate it away.”

We’re all familiar with antidepressant ads, which Holland says are “overwhelmingly marketed to women” in a modern-day update of those hoary old diagnoses of hysteria and vague female malaise.

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