A Scottish woman spoke Wednesday about how her "pregnant" stomach turned out to be a 21-pound cancerous cyst twice as big as a soccer ball.

Jane Alexander, 41, joined WeightWatchers and walked two miles a day for a year to lose weight from her expanding stomach because people kept asking when her baby was due, the Scottish Daily Record reported.

Despite her efforts, Alexander, from Fife, in northern Scotland, found that her bump actually grew two inches every week until she could no longer see her feet.

She discovered the cyst after mentioning pains to her doctor during a routine medical appointment, who then sent her for scans. She later had the growth removed.

"The fact I was carrying something that large is horrifying," she said. "It was taking over my body. I looked like I was expecting twins, but no wonder -- it weighed more than twins."

Alexander now raises awareness of the disease by supporting UK charity Target Ovarian Cancer.

"I felt like a different person after the surgery," she added. "I could see my feet. I'd gone from a size 18 [U.S. size 16] to a size 12, and I was so glad that thing wasn't there anymore."

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