Woman Too Fat to Leave Home Rescued by Cherry Picker

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Fireman had to cut a 420-pound woman out of her house because she was having difficulty breathing, and bring her down with a cherry picker since she was too large to fit through the door, London’s Daily Telegraph reported.

Yvonne Griffiths, 54, remains in stable condition after she suffered from breathing difficulties while in the upstairs of her South London home. An ambulance crew was initially unable to get her out of the house. Paramedics then tried removing Griffiths from the upstairs of her home by cutting a section of the banister, but were unsuccessful because she couldn’t stand upright.

Paramedics then called in firefighters.

Firefighters from Plumstead and Greenwich in the U.K. were forced to remove an upstairs window, and Griffiths was eventually placed on the cherry picker and driven to the hospital. She was kept on oxygen throughout the rescue.

"She didn't remember it until I went to visit her in hospital today. We were chatting and she said, ‘I got taken out of the house by a big fire engine,’” said her husband Alan Griffith.

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