An exotic dancer from the U.S. stunned British TV viewers Thursday when she appeared on a morning program showing off her breast implants, which weigh more than 50 pounds

Chelsea Charms told the hosts of “This Morning” about how she increased her bust size from a D-cup with a series of operations, including a now-banned procedure that gave her polypropylene breast implants.

Also known as string breast implants, this particular design allows the implants to absorb fluids and expand once they are implanted. The result is continuous breast growth after surgery, which causes the implants to expand to an enormous size. The implants, developed by U.S. plastic surgeon, Dr. Gerald W. Johnson, were only available for a short time in the U.S. before being banned by the Food and Drug Administration.

Charms said due to the “string” procedure, her bust size is now 164XXX, with each implant weighing 26 pounds.

And despite their weight, the 35-year-old denied her massive breasts give her a backache. She said she prepared for her large breasts by doing back exercises to build up her muscles.

"I didn't plan on going this big that just happened on its own,” she said. “ I wanted to be big when I decided in the States that I wanted to be a feature dancer.”

Although Charms likes her bust size, she admitted that they do pose some challenges.

"Eating is a problem because I have to sit so far from my food," she said.

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