A woman who was left with "zombie" boobs after a botched operation risked losing her nipples in a desperate bid to fix her deformed chest.

The patient, identified as Shannon, had a fat transfer to plump up her chest but was devastated when the cells died leaving her with lumpy, misshapen breasts.

In a last-ditch attempt to fix her boobs, she’s turned to renowned surgeon Dr. Terry Dubrow, from the E! reality series "Botched."


In a preview clip, Dubrow tells Shannon it’s likely she could lose her nipples in the “high-risk surgery”, as blood flow is poor around her areolas.

Examining her chest, he tells her the fat from the transfer simply died, leaving her with the "zombie" boobs.

“So, this is old. This is dead fat. So, all that fat transfer did was die," he said. “For another fat transfer to the breast to work, the fat has to be good and the tissue you're transferring it to has to have good blood supply. In Shannon's case, that is absolutely not going to work, and, in my opinion, is a very weak solution.”

A second fat-transfer is out of the question, and in order for Shannon to regain a normal-shaped breast, Dubrow says she needs a complicated operation with multiple steps, including adding implants.

“The breast tissue loss that you have from the original operation means the blood supply coming into the nipple is not that robust," he said. “This is a risky procedure. I could lose your nipples with this.”


Shannon admits she's scared of that happening, adding she hopes to breastfeed her children one day.

“Have I ever lost a nipple? No. You want to be my first?" he said.

But due to Shannon’s case, Dubrow makes the unusual step of telling her he will be the one to decide how big her future implants will be.

“I know what your goal is. You want to be filled out so when you're in clothes it looks like you've got breasts," he said. “You want a breast implant look, meaning you want a breast augmentation. But in terms of size, if you want me to do your surgery — I rarely say this to patients — it's up to me what size we use. That's my call, and if that's not acceptable, that's a deal breaker. It's up to me.”

She nodded as he told her she needed to "temper expectations."

But colleague Dr. Paul Nassif tells her: “The good news is you're now in someone's hands that is very good at this. There's a greater chance of your breasts looking a lot better than you having a problem with your nipples.”

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