A woman is in critical condition in a hospital in Australia after eating deadly mushrooms.

The woman aged in her 50s is believed to have ingested the world's most deadly fungi -- death cap mushrooms -- and is being treated at Melbourne's Austin Hospital, Melbourne radio station 3AW reported.

The incident comes after two people died earlier this year after eating death cap mushrooms at a restaurant in the Australian capital of Canberra.

Chinese bistro chef, Lui Jun, 38, and female kitchen hand Tsou Hsiang, 52, mistook the mushrooms for an edible variety used in Chinese cooking as they were preparing for a New Year's Eve party. They died at Sydney's Royal Prince Alfred hospital four days later.

The entire death cap mushroom is considered poisonous and eating just one of the silky white-to-greenish-brown capped, white-gilled fungi can be fatal.

The chances of dying after ingesting the mushrooms is about 25 to 50 percent.

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