Lisa Doherty has had the hiccups — for nearly five years.

The fed-up 24-year-old first started hiccuping when she was pregnant with her daughter Emily.

And she has shown no signs of stopping ever since — hiccuping up to 100 times a day.


Doherty, from Lincoln, in the U.K., has tried all the traditional remedies, but none have done the trick.

“When I first started, the doctors said it was part of pregnancy so I thought nothing of it," Doherty said. "But they didn’t stop"

Doherty said the hiccups can be very loud, and some people have told her she sounds like a dinosaur.

Even giving birth to second daughter Sophie in May this year failed to cure Doherty.

Baffled doctors are now ready to use a fibre-optic camera to examine the inside of Lisa’s stomach to investigate the cause.

“One doctor even told me I had hiccups because I talked too much and should try talking less,” Doherty said.

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