A Georgia woman arrested at a downtown Washington, D.C., hotel last month was charged with administering illegal silicone injections to women.

Federal agents had been investigating 45-year-old Kimberly Smedley for six months. The probe began after an exotic dancer from Baltimore reported that Smedley injected her buttocks and hips with silicone.

She said the shots were administered on a bed in Smedley's room at the Renaissance Hotel and that she paid her $4,000 for four shots.

The dancer said two days after her final injection in March, she became ill and spent 10 days in the hospital suffering from ailments including silicone in her lungs.

Smedley was busted last month at the J.W. Marriott Hotel, and federal agents said she had apparently set up shop to do more injections.

They added that she had "three 18-gauge medical needles" in one of her handbags, and they also found a text from another woman asking to "get her hips done."

Authorities suspect Smedley has been injecting people for years. It was not clear how many injections she performed, but records show that she has had more than 100 separate stays at Marriott Hotels in a 16-month period ending in early May 2011.

Smedley is free on bail in Atlanta while a federal probe continues.

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