Fragrance isn’t what you think it is. And it’s doing more harm than you realize. That stinks.

“Fragrance” (as listed in the U.S.) or “parfum” (as listed in the E.U. and Canada) is not a single chemical. It can be dozens or hundreds of chemical ingredients – up to 80 percent of which have never been tested for human toxicity. The terms are generic, somewhat misleading, and many people think they only refer to perfume and cologne. Unfortunately, these unlisted ingredients hiding behind “fragrance” that manufacturers like to call “trade secrets”, are making some people sick and are building up in our environment.

How Fragrance Chemicals Can Harm You

Each day you inhale, ingest, and absorb through your skin a variety of toxic chemicals. It’s called your “body burden.” Over 3,100 fragrance chemicals are used to make your consumer products smell “fresh” or to mask unpleasant odors; your shampoo and dryer sheets could be polluting your indoor air and giving you a rash!

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